Get More Gold and Silver for your Dollar with Patriot Gold Group

DM: You know all gold is not created equal. There’s gold that you can buy with huge commissions and administrative fees tacked on top by the guy that’s selling the gold. Or you can buy the gold as close to what it’s trading at, at its market price. One of the reasons I buy my gold from the Patriot Gold Group is that those guys charge very little more than the actual market price. You compare that to other people, you’ll have a lump of gold here it’ll cost you 10% more from seller. I don’t like paying that.

JH: Meaning more gold and more silver for your dollar. At Patriot Gold Group we’re a collective of industry leading experts, bringing you investor direct pricing and patriot commitment. Now Dick Morris has the opportunity to get his gold from any precious metals brokerage firm nationwide, and he works with Patriot Gold Group. Thank you for visiting with us today and spending some time with Dick Morris and myself, again I’m Jack Hanney senior partner at Patriot Gold Group, bringing you investor direct pricing, patriot commitment and the lightening fast IRA application process, Consumer Affairs top rates gold dealer, nationwide 2016.

DM: It’s great to be working with you.

JH: It’s nice to be working with you Dick, thank you.