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PATRIOT GOLD GROUP has a VESTED interest in you being knowledgeable, kept abreast of CURRENT market conditions, current relevant forecasts and predictions concerning the macroeconomic debt, the USD U.S. Dollar, the stock market, annuities, CD’s, Management Fee’s and most of All Physical Gold and Silver.PATRIOT GOLD GROUP will only source information from the most well respected financial newsletters and well regarded economic news outlets, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Street, Market watch, Bloomberg to name a few.

Retail Precious Metals Brokerage Firms will all send you the same GENERIC material designed and developed by some “Marketing Director” where they research “history” and “in the 1930’s you could buy a suit with a $20 Bill or a $20 Gold Coin … and today you can still buy that same suit with a $20 Gold Coin” PROBLLEM BEING it’s NOT 1930 and you don’t have an interest in a HISTORY LESSON or some generic “Lombra Report” about Pre-1933 Gold Coins having outperformed any other asset class.

PATRIOT GOLD GROUP will update the PDF’s forecasts and projections WEEKLY to bring you the most CURRENT RELEVANT information so when you make a decision you make an INFORMED decision, an EDUCATED decision.

Thank you for visiting PATRIOT GOLD GROUP, “Investor Direct Pricing”, changing the industry, knowledge is power and we want to provide our clients with the knowledge to make the best decision for their families for their future.

God Bless,
John C. “Jack” Hanney