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The Royal Mint - The Mayflower 1/4oz Gold Bullion Coin

  • Coins are 100% approved and eligible for individual retirement accounts (IRA)
  • Available in 1/4oz Gold
  • 24K .9999 Gold
Coin Specifications


999.9 Au









More Information

Patriot Gold Group Introduces …. Royal British Mint 2023: “The Mayflower

The Royal British Mint honoring and commemorating Queen Elizabeth minted the only 2023 Royal British Mint coin featuring Queen Elizabeth. Featuring an exclusive design created by acclaimed artist John Bergdahl, The Mayflower captures the essence of the iconic journey and an iconic Monarch on the obverse.

Patriot Gold Group introduces their “Founding Fathers” Royal British Mint “The Mayflower” Exclusive. The Mayflower’s legendary voyage was one of the most influential events in the early development of the United States.

The legacy of The Mayflower’s voyage lives on in the tradition of Thanksgiving, the American Constitution and Americans who can trace their heritage back to those who arrived on the shores of a New World 400 years ago.


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