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PATRIOT GOLD GROUP has a VESTED interest in you being knowledgeable, kept abreast of CURRENT market conditions, current relevant forecasts predictions concerning the macroeconomic debt, the USD U.S. Dollar, the stock market, annuities, CD’s, Management Fee’s and most of All Physical Gold and Silver. PATRIOT GOLD GROUP will only source information from the most well respected financial newsletters and well regarded economic news outlets, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Street, Market watch, Bloomberg to name a few.

GOLD 2016

Wall Street Journal: 400% - 500% in the next 5-7 Years Most economists predict a figure in the $5000-$8000 range, but other estimates go far higher. A gold mania is not imminent, but I believe it is inevitable.”

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Silver 2016

Wall Street Journal: 300% - 1000% in the next 3-10 Years. “The shorter-term pattern suggests that we will be heading up back toward the 40-50 region within the next three to five years,

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Wall Street Journal: Why buying gold now could be a lot like buying stocks in 2009 : Published: Feb 29, 2016 7:38 a.m. ET He gives six reasons for why he believes gold needs to be in your portfolio right now. Here they are:

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