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Speak with a Partner regarding your concerns whether it be the Stock Market perilously close to collapsing, the significant devaluing & debasing of our US Dollar (USD), Global Wealth Confiscation, the War on Cash, Global Wealth Deterioration, Geopolitical Strife or this Administration and The Fed. Discuss with that Partner your objectives i.e. preservation of wealth, return on investment, allocation of wealth among heirs, barter and exchange, whether it be a Cash Purchase or a Self-Directed Precious Metals Backed IRA or BOTH.

If an IRA simply fill out the secure online application in which one of our IRA specialists will transcribe and we’ll overnight for your signatures, upon receipt back we submit to the custodian and they submit to your current custodian, simple, easy, 5-7 business day process. Upon receipt of funds at the 3rd party passive custodian i.e. SDIRA, Equity, Goldstar we write the trade for the PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER. The Gold & Silver is then shipped Registered and Insured to the DDSC, Delaware Depository, a NON Governmental, PRIVATE Depository where your Metals is stored in a Segregated, Secured and Insured Storage. This is a NON IRS, NON reportable event because the funds NEVER leave your IRA, you are simply rolling over from a “Traditional IRA” to a “Self Directed IRA” whereas YOU get to choose what you feel is best for you & your family & retirement!

If a CASH purchase discuss the dollar amount you are comfortable working with, you’ll be surprised but we may initially suggest less, dip your big toe in the pool before you dive in, keep in mind in case of emergency you’ll need cash on hand! We write the trade together and lock it in on a recorded confirmation call for your security. You simply wire the funds within 24-48 hours’ dependent upon what’s discussed and your portfolio (Portfolio’s over $100,000.00 may be required to wire funds due to low margins) You receive a formal invoice for your own record keeping purposes. PATRIOT Gold Group ships the metals to your front door via FedEx, UPS or USPS Registered and Insured, you are not responsible for a single thing until signed for by YOU!

You mention to your wife or husband, family member or friend, “I cannot get over how easy and seamless this transaction was, I’ve debated it for the longest time and the Senior Partners at PATRIOT Gold Group made the entire process a wonderful experience, given the market my only regret is I wish I’d done more!

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