Here We Go Again States Patriot Gold Group: Déjà Vu of the 2000 Presidential Election and Political Uncertainty Set to Send Gold and Silver Prices Soaring

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Even though FBI Director James Comey’s investigation has cleared Hillary Clinton once again, there are a myriad of lingering suspicions, obstacles and unanswered questions that hound her and are fueling Donald Trump’s momentum into the 25th hour of this historical election.

The WikiLeaks emails that keep surfacing, accusations that the mainstream media is demonizing Mr. Trump and growing concerns over the Clinton Foundation’s foreign dealings are all helping to sway the undecided vote in Donald Trump’s favor. Things aren’t looking good for the Democratic Party with Janet Yellen, the first Democratic nominee selected as Chair of the Federal Reserve since 1979, deciding to keep interest rates artificially low in order to bolster a failing economy and Hillary Clinton.

“When a central bank continues its policy of low interest rates long after the emergency that prompted them has passed, it automatically sends a signal that all is not well,” stated Sir Martin Jacomb, former Executive Deputy Chairman of Barclays Bank PLC. The fact that over 10 million Americans are presently out of the workforce, even as Democrats tout a 4.9% unemployment rate, is a clear indicator that all is not well with the American economy. Trump supporters hoping to “Make America Great Again” are ready for a major change much like President Obama’s supporters were back in 2008.

For many Americans, more is at stake today than in any recent presidential race. Election 2016 represents the battleground for American democracy and the last opportunity for Americans to break free from the political stranglehold of political oligarchs. Unless we see a landslide victory for either Clinton or Trump, expect today’s loser to contest the results and call for a recount. Anticipating the outcome of today’s vote will resemble the Gore-Bush presidential election in 2000, police forces nationwide are preparing for civil unrest and riots.

If Americans don’t have a clear winner today, then the resulting political uncertainty could leave the nation without a new President for the next six to eight weeks. Investors take heed: any uncertainty in the outcome and a contested result will create stratospheric safe haven demand for gold and silver and could send gold and silver prices soaring. Add to that an interest rate hike in December and we could see gains similar to Q1 of 2016, when both gold and silver gained over 25%. A 25% move with gold at $1,500 and silver in the low $20’s could retest 2011 highs as investors brace for a “super spike” in gold and silver prices.

SOURCE Patriot Gold Group

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