Dick Morris, the Best-Selling Political Author and Former Clinton Advisor Who Predicted a Trump Presidency, Says Now is the Time to Buy Precious Metals from the Patriot Gold Group

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — One of the greatest distinctions between investors who are successful and those who aren’t is the quality of the insights and expertise on which they rely to make their investment decisions. A pedigreed team of investment experts can often be the linchpin that steers an investor clear of potential losses and helps him or her to make smarter investments.

This is especially true in today’s digitized world where news, good or bad, travels within the blink of an eye. The wild west of digital journalism has given rise to the emergence of fake news professionals, fake experts and fake news stories. The malignance in editorial rooms has created breeding grounds for misleading news such as “Pizzagate” and favorable employment statistics which omit the 93 million Americans who’ve been pushed out of the workforce. When “infotainment” masquerades as credible news, finding an unbiased, trusted source of information is a laborious task.

For 30 years, Patriot Gold Group have been steadfast, trusted investment experts for thousands of precious metals investors. Rated the #1 Gold IRA Dealer in 2016 by Consumer Affairs and led by a team of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience, the integrity and work ethic of the company’s five senior partners and their staff have won the trust of a truly great American: the best-selling author and political commentator, Dick Morris.

A highly sought after political consultant who is renowned for serving both Republican and Democratic presidents, Dick Morris has advised leaders across the western hemisphere on policy and planning. His uncanny ability to forecast political windfalls and to produce winning strategies helped both Bill Clinton and Mexico’s Vicente Fox to win presidential campaigns and has cemented the Dick Morris name in political history books.

Dick Morris is a man with his thumb on the pulse of America. He was one of the few commentators on Fox News to predict Donald Trump’s victory while most in the media had handed Hillary Clinton a victory by a landslide. As the saying goes, great minds think alike. Long before the election, the leadership team at Patriot Gold Group published several articles and a press release accurately forecasting a Trump victory. These news stories were picked up by leading news sites including Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch as well as leading financial institutions such as Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.

Patriot Gold Group’s ability to help thousands of clients pick winning investment strategies has made them one of America’s top precious metals investment experts since 1986. It’s safe to say that Dick Morris and the Patriot Gold Group share extraordinary foresight in picking winners. They have joined forces to offer all Americans an opportunity to preserve their wealth. If you’re serious about preserving your wealth during unpredictable economic times, get your free Silver Investor Guide today and receive up to $1,500 of free silver with your first order.

SOURCE Patriot Gold Group

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