Patriot Gold Group Reports Venezuela’s Inflation Spiral Foreshadowing America’s Financial Future and the Rise of Precious Metals Over Cash

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Back in 2006, Venezuela was the fastest growing economy in the Americas with the world’s 16th largest gold reserves. Fast forward ten years and Venezuela is home to empty grocery stores, hospitals without medicine and a dumpster diving middle class who can no longer afford to buy food with costs reaching as much as $150 for a dozen eggs. Seeing how currency volatility has beleaguered the once-promising Venezuelan economy, many Americans are trading hard earned dollars for precious metals to insulate themselves from the likelihood of a similar financial quagmire in the U.S.

While runaway inflation is pushing millions of Venezuelans into abject poverty, Americans have emerged from the global recession of 2008-2009 with a relatively strong currency and brittle optimism. However, neither the productivity of American businesses nor the incomes of American workers has experienced any gains. Instead, institutional investors have bought the last secure, high yielding bonds available in American debt markets, namely, $1.3 trillion of educational loans that are fleecing future generations of Americans. The top six U.S. banks, worth over $9 trillion, have raised the value of their combined asset portfolios from 17% of U.S. GDP back in 1995 to well over 58% of GDP. Printing currency with reckless abandon could leading America down Venezuela’s path to an economy entirely dependent on cash and vulnerable to currency volatility.

Rising corporate debt defaults at home and turmoil in global financial markets, epitomized by the recent implosion of Deutsche Bank, loom over the U.S. economy. While the investor class has led the move away from cash to precious metals, American workers with their eye on wealth preservation are following suit. Millions of Americans with individual retirement accounts are moving their savings into self-directed precious metals IRAs. If you’re not ready to kiss your cash goodbye, you may find yourself as unprepared for an economic meltdown as millions of unfortunate Venezuelans. For help from a qualified team of precious metals experts with proven investment experience, call Patriot Gold Group at 800-974-GOLD or apply online for your Self-Directed Lightning Fast Precious Metals IRA.


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SOURCE Patriot Gold Group

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