Central Banks are Buying Gold as Global Currencies Tumble

JH: My name is Jack Hanney, Senior Partner and Principal at Patriot Gold Group, Consumer Affairs top-rated gold and silver dealer nationwide three years in a row – 2016, 2017 and 2018 – endorsed and sponsored by Dick Morris and home of the No Fee for Life IRA.

Currencies around the globe – the Turkish lira, the South African rand, the Russian ruble, the Brazilian real – are crashing. The lira’s lost 45% of its value; the yen’s lost 15% of its value and the yuan 10% of its value in just the last two weeks. If we don’t believe this contagion will spread to the U.S., we are kidding ourselves.

Now is the opportunity to convert useless paper money into physical gold and silver, a storage of wealth for 5,000 years. Central banks, Russia and China are liquidating U.S. treasuries. Russia recently liquidated 87% of its U.S. treasury holdings and purchased gold. It’s the simplest market we’ve ever seen. Do what central banks are doing – buying gold.

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