Smart Money Buys Ahead of the New Year

JH: My name Jack Hanney, Senior Partner at Patriot Gold Group, home of investor direct pricing, patriot commitment, and the lightening fast IRA application process, Consumer Affairs top rated gold dealer, nationwide, 2016. Ahead of the new year’s the smart money is diving head first into gold. Keep in mind, last January gold was at $1,072 an ounce, just six weeks later in mid-February gold was at $1,239 an
ounce, a 20% increase in just six weeks.

Now the Feds raised interest rates last week, but also keep in mind interest rate hikes are good for gold. In June of 2003, with Fed rates at one percent, gold was at $346 an ounce. Just four years later in June 2007, with Fed rates at 5.25 % , gold had doubled to over $650 an ounce. So the smart money is diving into gold and silver while everyone else is spending their money on holiday shopping. To make for a far better Christmas in 2017, consider gold and silver instead of Christmas shopping.

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